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Annual Outdoor Adventure Fair for disabled people is June 18 near Bois D’Arc

22 May

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — Southwest Center for Independent Living (SCIL) invites people with disabilities of all ages and their family and friends to the 8th annual “Day at the Range and Outdoor Adventure Fair,” Saturday, June 18, 2011, from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Andy Dalton Shooting Range and Outdoor Education Center near Bois D’Arc.

“SCIL proudly co-hosts the annual Day at the Range and Outdoor Adventure Fair event to provide recreational opportunities to persons with disabilities that they would not typically have,” said Gary Maddox, SCIL Executive Director. (more)

The Hillbilly Archaeologist Strikes Again

15 Mar

The Abandoned In Stone County Series

Way back off a now closed paved county highway I stumbled upon this gem sitting in a steep gully on a hillside.

It was overgrown, it was classic. A perfect place for an off the grid lifestyle. The “hollar” was laced with trash from dumpers, not the former owners but what I call traveling trashers. It kills me that people think they can drive up in a remote area and simply unload their trash.

Amazingly the property wasn’t more trashed. I guess the dumpers thought someone still lived there and left the driveway untouched with their garbage. I noticed the stone landscaping had been carefully placed at one time with a fairly long run of it, lining the drive. Cleaned up and polished this would be a nice cottage for a retired couple or some first time buyers.

A little closer look at the stonework above the garage shows it wasn’t just thrown together. I think someone had laid the stone after the house was constructed. This place had to have been rough cedar as shown above the front door. I also imagine the runoff from rains would have been a bit nasty from time to time. To the right of the house is a good sized ravine, maybe 40 foot drop near the house. I also bet it’s a magnet for copperheads.

That corner fireplace is sure a looker. Not much of a yard but here on the hill who cares…weed whack the yard. The front steps and porch had crumbled away so there wasn’t much to see. I keep looking for those copperheads…geez.

This perspective gives you an idea of the elevation on the place. The ravine on the other side was impossible to capture, trust me, it was wicked deep. It added to the charm, at least that’s what my wife would say. Besides the copperheads I kept my eye out for a cave where I might find an old still.

The real feature to this place wasn’t the house or the remote location. It wasn’t all that remote, it was just off the main highway not more than 500 yards. Across the highway was the James River, I could drop the boat in the water in 5 minutes time. This would be a great weekend getaway, a real mancave. Bet it’s cheap.

If this were to be “The Mancave” I’ll have to figure out where to put the giant flatscreen and the satellite dish. The corner fireplace was in pretty good overall shape…needs an insert though and a few of my buddies to watch the Chiefs…whose bringing the beer and wings?

MoDOT Property for Sale Online- Bidding began March 1-31, 2011

7 Mar

Acreage: 6.71 m/l

Location: Shannon County, Part of the NE 1/4 of the NE 1/4  of Section 25, Township 27 North, Range 6 West

Utilities: Phone and electric

Probable Use: Any legal use

Highest Bid: $7,500.00

Link to MoDot site

Number of bids: 1

(Monday, Mar. 7)


Pheasant for lunch, lucky me!

24 Feb

Rick Smith owner of Ozarks Quail Farms at the helm of the big Green Egg!

Yesterday I had the pleasure of spending the better part of the day with Rick Smith, Owner of Ozarks Quail Farms in Republic. Much of it was hashing out old fishing stories about those big ones that got away or the covey we flushed near Miller back in the day. The end result to all these discussions was a great pheasant lunch he so kindly grilled for us. It had been quite awhile since I had any pheasant and it was awesome to say the least.

His wife, and partner Deb, had wrapped the birds in bacon and stuffed them with onions and a slice or two of mandarian oranges. Seasoned just right I have to tell you they were incredible.

Rick checks the temperture of the birds. He told me it's important to let those birds reach 350 degrees for about 45 minutes.

I asked Rick if the pheasant were available to purchase already processed and I am sad to say no they aren’t. He raises them strictly for hunting preserves and he did say that the birds were for sale in a few local markets over last summer but they are gone and he probably won’t be processing again for some time.

So if you were one of the lucky ones that bought some of those you know what I am talking about when I say “They were awesome!” You can follow Rick’s blog or visit his site he’ll be glad to hear from you, drop him a note. Thanks Rick for putting on the feedbag!

Outdoorsman’s Spring Swap Meet

19 Feb

March 19 in Brighton, MO

The Grizzled Old Veteran Outdoorsman’s Spring Swap Meet is set for Saturday, March 19, from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. We will have it where we had the fall swap meet, at the big gymnasium of the Brighton Assembly of God Church, 17 miles north of Springfield, just off Highway 13.

It is free to the public and there are 40 tables available to anyone who wants to sell outdoor-oriented treasures,like fishing lures, camping gear, art, canned goods, baked goods, and the like. You can even bring canoes or boats to set up out in the parking lot.

The church will be offering breakfast & lunch to raise money for the youth of the church.

Someone will win a free fishing trip to Canada before the day is over. Tinker Helseth, the guide and outfitter from Lake of the Woods in Northwest Ontario, will be there in person. Call to reserve a table, or write. See all the details at Larry Dablemont’s Website.

How I snuck up on a raccoon and lived to tell about it.

18 Feb

I am pretty proud of this shot. How many guys can say they snuck up on a coon and shot it’s picture? I probably wouldn’t have if the wind wasn’t blowing 40 MPH. This guy was going through a hole in the fence and had his head down in a spring between the rocks trying to get a crawdad. Once he caught wind of me he backed out and found the first big tree available, he wasn’t at all happy and I was lucky enough to be across the creek from him. He might have been a trussle.

So…you want to live in the Ozarks!

3 Feb

I was looking around the internet for an angle for a new piece and I ran across a group of people who are wanting to, as they put it, live off the grid. No electricity, indoor plumbing, telephones, those things our folks worked so hard to get. I remember how tickled Grandad was when he finally got indoor plumbing. I can hear him now “I won’t use that dadburned thing, I don’t *hit where I sleep”. There were a whole lot of people in that generation who thought the same thing. Now were catching wind of those people wanting to revert back to the simple times. That might not be a bad idea with the way the economy is headed and the current rage for organic produce. Farmers Markets are sprouting up all over the place, it seems to me as a youngster we had farmers markets on nearly every busy corner, then we called the fruit stands. There were tomato factories all over the Ozarks in every small town it seemed.

In my search I found an article “The Success and Unsuccess of It All” that really hit the mark. Penned by Victoria Drake and her adventure into our hills, complete with all the up’s and down’s of trying to make it on nothing more than a dream. Sound familiar? I was caught off guard by the fact she hadn’t really spent a hard winter in the hills, or thought about how she was going to make the land payment with no income, not to mention how she was going to feed herself. However bad it seemed she had the guts to give it a go, you have to give her credit. I think that it might be best for all us “Hillbillies” to make a few suggestions so she might get a good foothold this next go round. Suggestions and ideas from some of us old timers might make the difference. Show some Ozarks spunk and post them up here in the comments section so she can find them.