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Rising Water in Joplin complicating issues.

23 May

Early reports via Jasper County Law Enforcement Agencies are indicating a house may have collapsed in Joplin trapping 2 to 4 people inside. Rising water in some areas is also starting to complicate rescue work in the Joplin area. Near Joplin one man is trapped on top of his vehicle and a rescue boat has been dispatched to the scene. Watch for updated reports.

Joplin Tornado Video

22 May
Via the American Red Cross: Greater Ozarks Chapter: “Please do not self deploy to Joplin. The area has too many volunteers to manage at this time. They are working an emergency plan. The plan calls for FIRE, EMS, and Law Enforcement Officers to assist in the search and rescue effort. Individuals without this type of training should not respond at this time.”

Gov. Nixon sends National Guard to Southwest Missouri

“I would say 75% of the town is virtually gone,” – Kathy Dennis of the American Red Cross.

Deadly tornado in Joplin – NL Photos

Springfied News-Leader reports:
24 deaths in Joplin, say Greene County officials.
Ryan Nicholls with the Springfield-Greene County Office of Emergency Management has confirmed there are 24 fatalities in the wake of a tornado touching down in Joplin. The number of injuries is unknown.

Damage was widespread across the city’s south side. John Campbell, operations director for the Missouri State Emergency Management Agency, confirmed fatalities have been reported. Phone communications in and out of the city were largely cut off.

Hospitals in Joplin are overwhelmed and damaged. DO NOT go to hospitals. Go to Memorial Hall if injured.

As well, in Stone County dispatch says tornado damage reported in Galena, Abesville area, emergency crews are on scene.

360 degree panarama view of Joplin

Timeline of events around Joplin tornado
Tornadoes took only a few minutes to form over the Kansas state line and hit Joplin, according to observations made to the National Weather Service.

The first signs of violent weather approaching from the west began shortly after 4 p.m. when there were reports of large hail just across the state line in Crawford County, Kan.

» By 5 p.m., people reported several funnels over Columbus, Kan.

» At 5:08 p.m, am observer reported multiple tornado funnels over Cherokee County.

» By 5:34 p.m, one-inch hail was reported in Joplin, and a funnel was reported over Galena, Kan.

» At 5:41 p.m, there were reports of a tornado on the ground in Joplin, with observers reporting flashes from broken power lines. (more)

Joplin suffers ‘direct hit’ from tornado; reports indicate ‘major damage’; 24 deaths confirmed thus far – Photo

* People checking in at RedCross shelters following the Joplin tornado will check in at www.safeandwell.org.

* Follow @OzarksRedCross on Twitter for latest updates on response and recovery following Joplin Tornado.

* Shelter being prepared. MO SO State College, 3950 E. Newman Road, Joplin , MO; Leggett & Platt Ath Center

* MO Highway Patrol asks all 1st responders responding to Joplin report to command post at 34th & Main

* For nurses or doctors looking to help in Joplin, MO, call 417-832-9500 for the Greater Ozarks of the Red Cross.

* National Guard has been activated.

JoplinGlobe: Getting reports that an aid station has been set up where Home Depot was near 20th and Range Line

* St. John’s in Joplin to be fully evacuated due to extensive tornado damage.

* Boone Co. Task Force 1 deploys 80 to Joplin for search and rescue. Doctors, paramedics, heavy equipment and operators on their way.

* Memorial Hall is currently full. Injured are being asked to go to McCauley High School.

*A triage is being set up at MSSU in the Health Sciences building for injured. Any doctors or nurses available are needed to help!

* Authorities have asked the public to limit use of water because of rescue teams fighting fires.