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Here is some basic information when you plan a trip to the Ozarks for your next float trip.

Again this year state officials will be implementing the following rules and regulations which will be strictly enforced by local law enforcement officers:

• Glass containers are not allowed on the river within the park boundary and any type of dry ice bombs will be in violation and prosecuted as well.

• Beer kegs of any type or size, beer pong equipment, or any other drinking devices are not allowed.

• No illegal drugs, public intoxication, possession of alcohol by minors, public displays of nudity and disorderly conduct will not be tolerated.

• Excessively loud stereo or radio equipment that intrudes on family activities or disrupts others is strictly prohibited and Rangers will be using audio decibel equipment to locate and cite violators. This also includes the use of air horns, or other excessively loud   devices are also not allowed.

• Cliff or bluff jumping and rope swings are prohibited

People can consume alcohol in moderation, it is not banned within the certain parks, but Park Rangers will ticket those under age or individuals showing signs of intoxication in public. Park Rangers will welcome visitors to parks and waters ways and provide education and information about any particular regulations and will be asking people to be responsible and make it a safe and fun summer for everyone involved.

The rules and guidelines are designed to protect and ensure the safety of others and to make the summer an enjoyable and a pleasant occasion for all. Park Rangers, the Missouri Department of Conservation, Missouri Water Patrol, Missouri State Highway Patrol and other local agencies would like to welcome everyone to come and experience the wonders of Missouri’s Parks and take advantage of all the best Missouri lakes and rivers have to offer.

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