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Septic Care and The James River

20 Feb

Provide by The James River Basin Partnership – Video describes several different types of septic systems and their maintenance requirements. Produced by James River Basin Partnership, Table Rock Lake Water Quality, INC, and Watershed Committee of the Ozarks. Funds provided by TRLWQ 319 Grant.


Kyle Kosovich – Longboat Outfitters

18 Jun

Jim Owen and Charlie Barnes ran a float fishing business back in the good ole days when floaters could travel 250 miles from Branson, MO to Cotter AR on the original White River using boats like this. It was said that you could float for 31 days on the White River and never cover the same water twice. Once at the end of trip in Cotter the boats rode back on a railroad flat cars. The Ozarks Longboat disappeared when the White River was dammed as it became a series of lakes.

Now Longboat Outfitters is bringing it back! The longboat not only floats like a dream, it grew out of one. The dream: to offer float trips like the Jim Owen offered in boats like Charlie Barnes built, but made with modern materials, we plan on educating the passengers on the ecology of our streams and the importance of conserving the great rivers that remain in the Ozarks. The dream first started when we recruited an old river rat boat builder, a set of plans, and garage at least a foot bigger that a 20′ johnboat. Add that to a winter of wood working and we turned out the sweetest boat that ever floated an Ozark stream. You have to experience it to believe how beautiful, safe and comfortable this boat is. Pictures and even standing by it on the trailer won’t do. You’ve got to stand up and fish, take pictures and jump off the bow into the cool river to get the full flavor of what the exactly the Longboat represents; history, a way of life, and an adventure held only by the few and fortunate.
Contact us and you can experience the Ozarks the way our “forefloaters” did!

– Kyle Kosovich

About Kyle

The Ozarks are an angler’s dream and this dream is where Longboat Outfitters’ owner and guide, Kyle Kosovich was raised since he was just a tadpole.

2010 Spring Fishing Trip

6 Apr

April 6, 2010 – 5:00AM

Rounding up the coffee, can’t get too motivated without it. I almost overslept this morning. We are heading back down to the same spot to give it another go and strike while the iron is hot. I’ll post up the report when I get back.

Fishing was very light, speaking of light the fish shut completely off once the sun cleared the hills. I noticed on the mud banks they were hugging the shadowed side. I did bring home 8 nice ones, but it wasn’t a limit. They were hitting on sliders in white/pearl and swimmin’ minnows in smoke with a silver flake.

The water is fairly fast, making it hard to get small baits down to the bottom.

In the good holes expect to fish in a group

These old boys had their limit, it was overnight fishing for them.

The "Sparta Spincaster" was hot this morning.

The "Sparta Sportsman" had his luck as usual!

April 5, 2010

Fished on Beaver Creek up stream from the 160 bridge. We caught right at 20 with half being sows, the eggs are bloody and ready to drop right away. Those of you who are waiting for the run to really get going will be surprised to find it is already over. The water temp is right and with the warm days it will be over, at most, in 10-14 days.

Small 1 -2 lb females 60% and the rest are smaller males.

April 2, 2010

After spending 3 days on the James in various locations I found this…

Upper James to Wilson’s Creek is below average all the way to Galena, at Galena…

Galena The Y Bridge!

Spoonbill were still giving business to those on the hunt in and around Ashers up to Galena in the James. Craig and Dylan Mashburn reported that a pair of 50# Spoonbill were landed May 29, 2010 under the Y Bridge area! That seems to be the story from most everyone here in Galena. Lots of fresh carcasses laying around, another visual confirmation.

The white bass, almost all male, were on and off depending on the sky and time of day. The water, which has been high is now starting to drop and clear up. One local at Galena had brought in 15 nice males, all caught early in the day to mid day, nothing large and nothing special. He told me he really had to work for them and had caught them all on a swimmin’ minnow in white, I can verify this firsthand, visual confirmation ladies!

The daytime temps in the 80’s for the last few days will make those whites really get serious about a big run. At present the sows are still holding downstream.

In the mouth of the Swan on Bull Shoals the story is much the same, the biggest difference is the water is very high and dingy. A few White Bass were spotted on Tuesday May 30, 2010 with a very few sows being caught. The traffic is light during the midweek and I have to think the run there is also still on the horizon. Walleye were being caught at night in the pothole which is not unusual with the size average to small.

On Table Rock you’ll find the blacks still hammering a spinnerbait in the shallows, mostly smaller fish but it can keep you busy all day. Spotted Wayne Fowler up in and around the Viola area and he gave me the same story I had already found myself. Wayne had taken some temp reading and had found 50º water in a spot or two but for the most part it’s still in the mid to upper 40º range. Fishing is good…keep chucking.

When getting my report here on Hootenton you can be guaranteed that the information is true and it’s on target, there’s no sugar coated information to get business here.

(417) 895-6881


Bull Shoals (West): 52-54 degrees, high, clear; dam area: white bass fair on chartreuse, white and purple swimming minnows; black bass fair on crankbaits and jerkbaits; walleye fair on jerkbaits and nightcrawlers Beaver Creek: white bass fair on chartreuse, white and purple swimming minnows; black bass good on crankbaits, jigs and spinnerbaits (Report made on 4/1/10)

Lake Taneycomo: 44 degrees, high, clear; upper lake: rainbow trout fair on white/olive colored jigs; lower lake: rainbow trout good on orange/chartreuse Power Bait and nightcrawlers (Report made on 3/31/10)

Pomme de Terre: 50 degrees, normal, clear; walleye good around the dam and upstream; white bass good upstream; black bass good, better on crankbaits; crappie slow, better in late evening; catfish and muskie slow (Report made on 3/31/10)

Stockton: 42 degrees, high, dingy; crappie good on jigs and minnows; black bass fair; white bass fair but small in size; all other species slow (Report made on 4/1/10)

Table Rock (James River arm): 54 degrees, rising, dingy; white bass good on white 1/8-ounce Vibric Rooster Tails and soft plastic swim baits; crappie good on live minnows and small tube jigs; black bass good on 1/4-ounce jigs and soft plastic crayfish (Report made on 3/31/10)

Table Rock (main lake): 54 degrees, rising, dingy; white bass good on white 1/8-ounce Vibric Rooster Tails and soft plastic swim baits; crappie good on live minnows and small tube jigs; black bass good on 1/4-ounce jigs and soft plastic crayfish (Report made on 3/31/10)


Big Niangua: 52 degrees, high, dingy; goggle-eye fair on bright jigs and worms; trout good on bright Power Baits below Bennett Spring; all other species slow (Report made on 4/1/10)

James River (lower): 48 degrees, high, dingy; paddlefish are moving upstream and are scattered from Table Rock to Springfield Dam; all other species slow (Report made on 3/31/10)

This next set of videos have been added to remind you of the high water and the great spawns of the last few years. Get ready for 2010 it should be some fantastic fishing.