Joplin Officials Warning of Severe Weather Potential

24 May
Tuesday, May 24, 2011 press release from the City of Joplin:

Search & Rescue continues. We’ve had a nice day of weather to assist in our efforts. We will continue this work. At this time, we have recovered 2 people in the last 24 hours. Yesterday, we reported 7 so now we have total of 9 past two days.  We have reports that over 750 people have been treated at area hospitals, and more than 100 patients have been transferred from Freeman Hospital. It is sad news that I have to report our death toll has moved to 122.

We understand bad weather is coming into the area. Joplin siren system is working. We have been testing them. There are two that that have been identified that need to be replaced. We are able to get one replaced tonight, and we will get the other one replaced tomorrow. In the meantime, we will keep the uncovered area notified with PA systems with our police enforcement vehicles. We would ask that people in all areas of the City are watching out for the stormy weather and take cover well before its arrival.

There has been information in news sources that 1500 people are missing. That does not mean they are injured or deceased. It means that loved ones are not aware of their whereabouts. We understand that some people may have been out of the area when the storm hit or have since left. Unfortunately, they may have loved ones, family and friends who were not aware of this, and are concerned about their whereabouts. If someone has been out of the area, or staying with family, friends or made other arrangements, we’d like to ask that they contact this number: 417-659-5464. This is important to help us locate our citizens.

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