Three-Quarters of Joplin Destroyed

23 May

U.S. weather officials said the tornado that hit at dinnertime on Sunday, it may have been the single deadliest in the country since 1953.

Dozens are dead and even more injured after nearly 50 tornadoes tore though parts of the Midwest on Sunday.

At least 89 people were killed in Joplin, Mo., which received the worst of the severe weather. Damage was widespread across the city as homes, schools and a hospital were hit by a massive tornado.

According to Senior Meteorologist Alan Reppert, x-ray films from the hospital were found 70 miles away in a driveway.

Meanwhile, school has already been canceled on Monday with one of the Joplin School District’s buildings receiving catastrophic damage.

Many of the dead were residents looking to seek shelter when the buildings they were in collapsed.

The tornado traveled 6 miles from the west side of the city to the southeast. The southern edge of the city was the hardest hit. The tornado ranged from half a mile to three-quarters of a mile wide. While the exact strength of the storm is yet to be determined, it could be upwards of an EF4.

According to Kathy Dennis of the American Red Cross, “75% of the town is virtually gone.” (more)

These areas will have little time to clean up as another round of severe weather is expected today.

Today’s Forcast from Accuweather

ABC News Account of Joplin tornado.


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