Illinois anglers taking the bait

22 May

Bass tournaments luring new fishermen to the sport for family-friendly competition


Casual evening bass fishing tournaments are trying to hook a new generation of anglers and keep the fun in a sport that has grown increasingly competitive. Spring Lake has a Tuesday evening tournament that costs only $30 per team to enter.“It’s not a big money tournament and the guys know it,” said Troy Galvin, who lives a stone’s throw from the lake.“It’s for fun and the joy of catching fish.”Galvin took over coordinating the tournament about six years ago.

“It started out with a few guys who wanted to fish during the week, and it was mostly local guys,” he said. “But they enjoyed it so much the word has got around and spread, and now we’re pulling from 40 miles away or so.”

Last Tuesday’s tournament drew 28 boats.

An hour or so south in Springfield, two weeknight tournament series offer the chance for anglers to fish without the pressure of too much competition.

“We don’t want that (emphasis on competition),” said Ed Skube, who for years helped coordinate bass fishing tournaments at Lake Springfield. “We want to instill the friendship aspect of the sport.

“We try to keep it real family-friendly.”

Tuesday night tournaments at Sangchris Lake and Thursday night tournaments at Lake Springfield drew 18 and 25 teams, respectively, May 10 and 12.  (more)


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