Piney River Brewing Company

12 May

I just found this while stumbling through twitter…thought I would share it with all you beer aficionados.

Founded in 2010, Piney River Brewing Company is a microbrewery dedicated to making distinctive craft beers that celebrate life in the Ozarks. Joleen and Brian Durham, owners, have lived and farmed in Texas County for many years, and they have enjoyed craft beer for a long time, too.

Today, Joleen and Brian live up the hill from the Little Piney River that flows into the Big Piney. They benefit from multiple fresh water springs and a waterfall on their farm, and they continually find themselves drawn to the rivers that flow around their farm and throughout the Ozarks.

Joleen and Brian first made beer on the kitchen stove, fermenting it in the basement of their 100-year old farm house. In July 2010 they partnered together to revive a 70-year old barn made from red and white oak trees harvested off the farm, and Piney River Brewing Company was born.

The barn, rechristened BARn, is home to Piney River Brewing Company. Joleen and Brian are currently brewing on a 10-gallon Sabco system, officially a nanobrewery. They are filling growlers at the brewery.

Plans are already underway for a larger brewing system and distribution throughout the Ozarks. Soon, you too can enjoy a handcrafted Piney River Brewing Company beer when you enjoy a day in the Ozarks. Keep track of our progress on the PRBC Blog.

Insane?  No…we’re having the time of our lives.

Visit the website.


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  1. Victoria - Ozarks Crescent Mural May 12, 2011 at 8:41 pm #

    Speaking of Twitter, I was looking for you on Twitter and couldn’t find you. What’s your @?

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