“Monsanto Alfalfa” is Officially Approved

1 Feb

The U.S. Department of Agriculture has announced its approval of “unrestricted planting” of genetically modified alfalfa sold by Monsanto, according to The Atlantic. So what does that have to do with organic milk?

Cows eat more alfalfa hay than anything else, and as a crop, alfalfa is what The Atlantic calls “notoriously promiscuous.” Bees and other insects can spread alfalfa pollen for up to five miles, meaning it’s only a matter of time before the unrestricted GMO alfalfa cross-pollinates with non-GMO varieties.

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Not sure if the hay industry asked for this, but they got it. This news changes the organic foods industry, from organic milk producers to seed banks. Opponents of Monsanto genetic engineering will be up in arms this morning and in our opinion, should rightfully be. What’s next… genetically engineered bees?


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