Old Fashioned Christmas

5 Nov

It’s the time of year when we tend to think about Christmas past, our family members who we have lost, and have gained. At this time of year it always is about giving, about making a connection with loved ones especially watching children as they open gifts on Christmas morning and the twinkle in their eyes and not so much about Santa’s twinkling eye to tell the truth.

I wish for one thing this Christmas, I wish we could come up with a tradition, something we could do that would have meaning and thought to those people from our past and to those in the future. To show them we care and think about them, something we could do that would become a cherished memory on the river. Ozark has it’s festive lighting and parades, Branson has Silver Dollar City Christmas, Springfield has it’s annual parade but what does Hootentown have? Nothing, due to financing and nothing due to no organization.

Does it take money? Not really, it takes planning and thought but most of all it takes people. Those who have the foresight to plan and make a gathering. Lighting a candle for those we have lost, one for those who were born possibly. I’m not sure what it is, could it be planting a tree, making some sort of memorial. I am not sure but I m sure of this, it takes love and respect of those around the river to show and lead those to what’s possible. Could a charity benefit from what we do? Surely and it could be done in a way to memorialize all of those we care for and have cared about. It’s take the spirit of Christmas.

Perhaps you know of someone who lives in the area who has fallen on hard times, would it be too much to ask to do something for them?


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